How to plan an adventure

Despite my biggest belief being that spontaneity creates the best memories, there is so much out there to explore and sometimes it can be quite hard to pinpoint the best things to do and see to make sure that you get the most out of your travels. I have put together my tips and tricks to help you prepare to get the most out of your adventures.


A month or 2 before you travel, find a few Instagram accounts centered around your destination and follow them for inspiration of where to go and things to do. Also search hashtags and now with the new Instagram update there is a new feature which I absolutely love, and it is the collections. Now you can go through your Instagram timeline and save the photos that you like into different collections e.g. London, Sydney, Paris etc. which makes the photo ideas really easy to find and reference when you are out exploring.


The concept of Pinterest is similar to Instagram but instead of it finding just a photo of a location, it can lead to blog posts which are more in depth about the search e.g. 15 Best Restaurants in Sydney. You can screen shot elements of these blog posts and then use these recommendations to make sure you visit the best places.

Ask around

This might seem like an obvious one, but if you know anyone that has been to the place you’re going, ask them for recommendations. They might have stumbled across the best street food and you could have missed out on that if you didn’t ask them! Often the internet misses the hidden gems of a location and only writes about the touristy things so make sure you ask around.


A feature that I recently discovered is that you can save the location of the things that you want to do on maps. By doing this it helps you visualise what is near each other and can help plan day trips where you tick off everything on your list in particular area instead of spending all day on the road.

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