What’s In My Makeup Bag

I always find these kind of posts very interesting. I really really enjoy makeup.. doesn’t mean that I am very good at it, or have the top of the range latest products, but I enjoy it nevertheless. I thought I would share my current favourite, that I have been using on my face in my go to make up look.

Facetune 8


Hangover Primer, Too Faced – I am absolutely in love with this product still. I have already raved about it in my July Favourites, and it continues to impress. My make up lasts all day and longer, it smells divine, and the product is hydrating and fast absorbing. What more could you want from a primer?

Dream Fresh BB Cream, Maybelline – This product is my go to at the moment. Having fallen out of love with my foundation, this is what I have been using instead. Although is is low-medium coverage, it is perfect for when I have tanned. I have also been very lucky that my skin has been very clear recently, so I haven’t needed much coverage.

Wake Me Up Concealer, Rimmel – This concealer was such an internet hype a couple of years ago and I only recently jumped on the band wagon. Why did I wait so long!?! it’s such a dreamy product, both brightening and concealing and covers the designer bags under my eyes.

Stay Matte Powder, Rimmel – Do I even need to explain this product. This must be a staple in the majority of peoples make up bag. I have this powder in the translucent shade, so it is perfect regardless of how tanned or pale I am, and it is not caky at all. A small amount of this powder makes your make up instantly flawless.

Hoola Bronzer, Benefit – Before this product, I had never really tried the whole bronzer thing. If i’m honest, I was a bit scared because I never thought that I had cheek bones to accentuate. I now realise that that doesn’t matter, and the point of contouring and bronzing is to create the cheek bones. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that this is the perfect matte shade, and it makes a beautiful shadow under the cheek bones, shaping the face perfectly.

Minaralzing Skin Finish, Mac – This product was a recent discovery, thanks to my friend Maddy. When I was in NZ I constantly stole this off her and dusted it on my cheekbones, and I just couldn’t get enough of how perfect my highlighter was whenever I used it. I also got lots of compliments on it and thought that I just had to pick it up for myself. P.s its also a beautiful eye shadow!

Facetune 7Eyes

Micro Eyebrow Pencil, NYX – Eyebrows. They make or break a person. No eyebrows are perfect the first time they try a new product, and so with a bit of perseverance, I fell in love with this product, and found the exact pressure, eye brow shape and technique that suited my face shape.

Gel Eyeliner, Bobbi Brown – This has been a staple in my make up bag for a very long time. This was the first high end make up product that I had ever had and it changed my eye liner life. It’s pretty self explanatory that its a gel eyeliner, but for me it is a god send, because i’ve never been able to master liquid eyeliner.

Colossal Go Mascara, Maybelline – It is safe to say, that my eyelashes have NEVER looked so good. This mascara has been a complete game changer for me. With just a few coats of this baby, it has my eyelashes long and volumized  and completely opens up my eyes.


Velvet Teddy Lipstick, Mac – Another product that I raved about in my July Favourites. This lipstick is perfect for everyday, and it makes you look instantly put together, even if you do have to hide your tired eyes behind a huge pair of sunglasses.


So there we have it. This is what is in my makeup bag. I am always looking for new products to add to my collection so send your favourite my way and let me know what are your favourite products in your make up bag.




5 thoughts on “What’s In My Makeup Bag

  1. Maybe need to throw out a few items in my own makeup bag and try some of your suggestions! Although you don’t need any of this because you’re just naturally beautiful anyway!!

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