City Break: Melbourne

I ticked off another Australian city last weekend after spending 5 days in Melbourne. It was a short city break that was very needed, after both Ty and I working lots of hours, and constantly missing each other with him working when I’m sleeping and me working when he is sleeping, so it was amazing to spend quality time together. Even though I wasn’t the best company as I was struck  with some kind of fever, and was therefore very achy, very tired, and had next to no energy at all, we still managed to explore lots of the city.

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Our flight from Sydney landed in the late afternoon, and by the time we got to our hotel, it was dinner time. We looked around the local area and found a restaurant called Royal Stacks. Oh. My. God. I have never had a meal more worthy of the food baby that I had afterwards. I never wanted to leave, just stay there all night eating more and more of their delicious food. It was a burger bar that also had a doughnut and ice cream parlour. The burgers were absolutely melt in the mouth delicious. They had cheesy mite (cheese and vegemite, so Australian but should 100% be a global thing) fries which were next level and they also had potato gem fries. This aside, we were talking to the manager about the restaurant and his plans for the brand and he was such an interesting person to talk to. He also gave us free ice cream from the doughnut and ice cream parlour which meant that he was the best person ever. Would recommend Royal Stacks to everyone!

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The following day, we were up early (for us) and headed to the station to get the train to meet my friend Maddy. The three of us were going to road trip to the Twelve Apostles. This is a 3 hour coastal drive south of Melbourne. It ended up taking us around 5 hours because we stopped at some of the many beaches along the way, and also stopped off for lunch. At one of the places that we stopped off along the way, I saw my first ever koala. Excited would be an understatement. Seeing a koala in the wild has been my ultimate goal since I knew I was coming to Australia, and I have been on the look out for them ever since. We ended up getting to the Twelve Apostles around 4:30 PM. It was the golden hour, where the lighting of the sun just before it set, made the already beautiful view look even more breath taking. Now there are only 8 of the Apostles left with the more recent one collapsing in 2005 and even though it’s a bit of a trek out of Melbourne, the views that you see along the Great Ocean Road are stunning, all the beaches and coastal towns that you can visit are lovely, and it just makes for a really fun day out. Definitely the highlight of the trip. That evening, Ty and I were completely exhausted, and with me not feeling that great, we ended up just ordering room service and falling asleep pretty quickly.

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The Saturday gave us our first opportunity to explore the city in day light. Strangely, and unlike Sydney, the city was completely empty. For a Saturday Morning, even the cafes weren’t open which we found bizarre, but we carried on walking around. We finally found all of the people, and they were the Queen Victoria Market. This was an abundance of market stalls, selling the widest range of knick knacks and rows and rows of food stalls selling everything, from breakfast burritos, to deep fried ice cream. We had brunch in a nearby cafe, and then headed off again, continuing our exploring. We stopped at Hosier Lane, one of the many streets covered in some incredible street art and even got to watch a couple of artists create new artwork on the walls. We went up to the Eureka Sky Deck, a view point from one of the tall sky scrapers in the city, and it gave us a 360 view of Melbourne. We headed back to the hotel to freshen up and headed to the Imperial Hotel. The plan was to watch the Liverpool game, perks of having a boyfriend super fan. When we got there, it was jam packed. You could hardly see the bar from the door and it was just too busy. We managed to find a table outside, next to a heater thankfully, grabbed a drink and shared a pizza. It was such a nice venue and I wish that we had been able to spend longer there. They had a really cool rooftop bar, covered in fairy lights, and it was perfect for a cocktail night. It was just too busy to stay there and we ended up going to the casino to watch the game.

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The next morning I was super lethargic and my ‘fever’ had taken over my whole body. I couldn’t move without aching, headaches, tummy aches, dizziness, you name it I felt it. This meant I stayed in bed for the best part of the day, and Ty went out shopping. That evening we took it easy and went to meet Maddy for dumplings, followed by gelato. We went to Dex2Rose just thinking it was your average ice cream place but we were SO wrong. Their menu was incredible and so inventive. There was nothing boring about this place. I got an ice cream called ‘Unicorn Party’  and I had no idea what to expect. I was very impressed! The ice cream was delicious and it was the perfect last thing for us to do before we said goodbye to Maddy.

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It was the perfect city break. Being only an hour flight form Sydney, it was super easy to do and I thoroughly enjoys having a little holiday and exploring another part of Australia.

What’s your favourite city that you have ever visited??



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