50 Facts About Me


  1. Dogs over cats. Always.
  2. I hate tomatoes.
  3. I love meeting new people.
  4. Sunshine makes me super happy
  5. I’m really good at binge watching a tv series, to the point that when it ends, I don’t know what to do with my life
  6. Strawberries are my favourite fruit
  7. Strawberry scented/flavoured things are my worst nightmare. No thank you fake strawberries
  8. I love a good singalong. I used to be a good singer, but in the past year I have almost lost my ability to hold a tune so now my shower head is the only one that hears me.
  9. Chicken Nuggets are my weakness.
  10. My favourite children movies are Finding Nemo and Monsters Ink.
  11. My parents are my biggest inspirations and I aspire to be like them when I am a parent.
  12. I used to have the biggest crush on Harry Styles and I kind of still do.
  13. When I was born I had jet black hair.
  14. My legs are 37 inches long.
  15. I have worn contact lenses since I was 16 which was life changing as I hate wearing my glasses.
  16. My main goal in life is to be happy.
  17. I get cold very easily.
  18. When I was younger I was going over a ramp on my bike, I fell over and then my brother ran me over with his bike. lol.
  19. I would rather go to a bar than a club. I’d much rather chat to amazing people than be on the dance floor with a lot of sweaty people.
  20. I withdrew my uni application. Thats not to say I will never go to uni, I just don’t want to go at the moment.
  21. I know all the words to the entire move Frozen and I’m not even ashamed.
  22. If I find a song that I like, I will put it on repeat for days on end until I hate it.
  23. I am rubbish at replying to texts.
  24. Crunchy peanut butter over smooth peanut butter every time.
  25. Seeing other people cry makes me cry and once I start crying, I usually can’t stop.
  26. I failed my driving test the first time because I left my indicator on.
  27. I love writing, hence why I started my blog.
  28. Somehow I ended up doing a bungee jump in South Africa and I still think that it was crazy/stupid. It was fun, but never again!
  29. I have never ever broken a bone.
  30. English Breakfast Tea solves everything. Cold? drink tea. Sad? drink tea. Happy? drink tea. It’s a life saver.
  31. My favourite films are “About Time” & “Serendipity”
  32. I am a complete water baby. I live for the ocean and I get that from my Dad.
  33. I want need a dog in the future.
  34. Open minded people are my favourite kind of people.
  35. I’m a professional procrastinator.
  36. I have been to 30 different countries at the age of 19.
  37. I wish I was a twin, but would’t change my younger brother for anything. He makes me laugh most of the time and I think he’s pretty cool.
  38. When I was younger I wanted to be a marine biologist.
  39. The beach is my favourite place ever and one day I want to live on/next to a beach.
  40. I have the biggest sweet tooth ever and no self control when it comes to sweet treats, especially chocolate.
  41. The concept of space and the unknown scares me.
  42. I love taking photos and I will take them of anything and everything.
  43. I am naturally a very untidy person.
  44. I can people watch for hours. I love it.
  45. The tv show friends is something that I can never get tired of.
  46. When I was younger, I was very scared that there were strangers in my house and I would refuse to go upstairs or downstairs by myself.
  47. I have never had braces.
  48. Hugs are one of my favourite things in the entire world.
  49. I was incredibly close to my nan, and I miss her every day.
  50. My favourite flowers are white roses.




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