5 Tips to Get & Stay Motivated

With the end of January coming up (finally, I swear this month has been the absolute longest), it is the time when the New Year buzz has worn off. I bet on December 31st you made some kind of promise to yourself about the new year and everything that you wanted to achieve. Hows that going? if you have managed to stick to your resolutions, then I applaud you, but it is around this time, when the motivation very much starts to slip and slide away, right out of your grasp leaving you left behind, not knowing how to achieve all those things you said you’d do. Does this sound familiar? It is exactly how I am feeling at the moment. Motivation is something you don’t appreciate when you have it, and desperately crave when you don’t (e.g. all the time). I read something on twitter the other day & it has really stuck with me.


‘People pray for the cake. Then when God gives them the batter, eggs, oil, icing, a pan and an oven, they get frustrated & leave the kitchen’


This quote has been going through my mind since I read it, and it really puts into perspective the idea that a lot of the time, you might have all the tools around you to create your dreams and achieve your goals, but how motivated are you to ACTUALLY go out, get what you want and make it happen?

So I have made my 5 tips, mainly so when I feel unmotivated I have something to read and kick my ass back into gear, but also to help you get hold of your motivation and make sure that it’s here to stay.

Remember the feeling

How great is that feeling after you have achieved something that you either didn’t want to do, thought you couldn’t do or hadn’t done before. It’s such a satisfying feeling and to be honest, one of the best. Capture it. I know personally, I hate the idea of going to the gym and being at the gym, but I know that I feel bloody fantastic afterwards, and so that is my motivation to go (albeit not that often, but you know what I mean).


You either love them or hate them, and I love them. I love being able to tick off tasks and because of this, I sometimes write down things that don’t need to be there, such as ‘shower’, ‘get dressed’ and ‘brush teeth’. The reason I do this, is because it kicks starts my list. Often I find that once I have written a very good and potentially productive list, I don’t know where to start, but by writing things down that you will naturally complete anyway, it makes the whole thing seem more achievable.. at least for me anyway.

Create a Pros & Cons list

I find that this works better for the bigger goals. Start by setting yourself a goal such as “ I want to eat healthier and stick to a meal plan”. Then create a pros & cons list to motivate you to stick to the goal. An example being, Pros, feel better about yourself, have more energy, clear up your skin and feel less bloated. Cons could be, need to cut back on junk food, and more thinking going in to meal preparation. This clearly shows that the pros outway the cons and it’s more beneficial for you to stick to your goal and attempt to achieve it.

Do what makes you feel happy

If you are trying to do something that you don’t want to do, then the chance of finding the motivation for that is next to none. If you at least start with some kind of excited spark, big or small, then it is easier to ignite that into a flame than to create fire from nothing.

Time & Effort

This is key. If you set yourself a goal and it hasn’t happen by the next morning don’t give up. Realise that things don’t happen over night. By working hard towards something over a long period of time, isn’t a bad thing, it only means that there is a greater feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment afterwards.


So there you have it, a post to motivate you, and my future self when my motivation flops again.



4 thoughts on “5 Tips to Get & Stay Motivated

  1. Great Post Annabel. Great because its insightful, obvious, common sense, basic BUT most of us don’t naturally do it! This reminds us that we can all do it…. even your brother! 🙂 xx Daddy

    Liked by 1 person

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